Tej Pal Puri vs South Delhi Municipal … on 18 September, 2020

A written submission dated 14.09.2020 has been received from PIO/Vig., SDMC
that the appellant had been provided replies dated 28.02.2019 and 21.06.2019.
The respondent has given a brief background stating that disciplinary cases had
been initiated against the appellant and he has been regularly informed about
the proceedings by way of Inquiry Report, Show Cause Notices etc. Status of the
two cases against the appellant have been provided thus:
1. 01/20/2012 the case has been decided leading to “exoneration” of the
appellant vide order dated 01.10.2019.
2. 03/144/2011 the case has been decided leading to “censure” vide order
dated 11.10.2019

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The respondent has further provided a point-wise response to all the 9 queries
raised by the appellant, vide his RTI application. Respondent has annexed all
the documents relied upon in the submission.