Small Delhi hospital says system has failed us, let us fill our own oxygen

ILNS: Even as the Delhi High Court continued hearing pleas on shortages of oxygen, medicines and other life-saving facilities in the Capital, an SOS landed before the Court on Tuesday.

It was from a small hospital in Pitampura, called Muni Maya Ram Jain Hospital. The hospital’s emergency SOS plea, presented before the bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli by Counsel Sanju Misra, did not ask for oxygen.

On the contrary, it asked for freedom to allow it to find and secure its own oxygen supply and save patients, because it believed that the government had failed, the system had failed. It also asked for permission that the vehicles it sends out to secure oxygen supply should not be stopped.

Sanju Misra: “Urgent request. Allow us to fill our own oxygen. Even though we are small hospital, everyday one or two deaths are happening and we can’t see this. Only allow this that we will fill our own oxygen. Our cars should not be stopped anywhere, because the hospital is encountering multiple deaths. It’s a small facility. I can’t let people die.”

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Sanju Misra continued: “I understand the government has failed. The system has failed. But I can’t let even one patient die. Allow me this, so that I can at least save one life.”
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