Rajasthan High Court to conduct only virtual hearings

The Rajasthan High Court on Monday declared that both the benches of HC (Jodhpur and Jaipur) will function only through virtual proceedings for urgent matters instituted in 2021, in view of the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

The state government, through an order of April 18, 2021, had prohibited various activities from April 19 to May 3, 2021, including closure of work places, commercial establishments and markets.

Any other matter may be taken up with the permission of the High Court and the Division and Single benches shall be constituted, as directed by the Chief Justice for hearing of the urgent matters, the High Court said.

The filing of urgent matters shall be made through E-filing portal, as per the notification of April 8, 2020, with the condition to submit hard copy file within seven days of recommencement of regular functioning of the courts. Filing through email or Whatsapp will require submission of PDF copy of the application/petition/appeal.

The notification stated, “Advocates must ensure that filing is made only through one mode – either e-filing or email or Whatsapp.”

It stated that personal presence of accused in Appeals/Revisions shall stand exempted till May 3, 2021.

The notification also mentioned that the state government has permitted the movement of employees of departments related to essential services on showing their identity card. Therefore, the court staff are directed to carry their official Identity Card with them, while on official duties.

“Only bare essential staff of courts, judicial sections, administrative sections and computer cell required to manage the urgent work would be called on a rotational basis,” said the notification.

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“Sitting arrangement of the staff shall be in such a manner, so as to maintain required physical distance between them. Only such staff members are required to come to office, who have been specifically directed to do so till May 3, 2021. The remaining staff will not be required to attend the office, but will remain available at home during office timings,”

-it added.

The Registrar General of the court also mentioned, 

“All interim orders expiring between April 20, 2021 to May 3, 2021 shall remain extended till next date. Prescribed limitation for filing petitions/applications/suits/appeal/suits/appeals shall stand extended with effect from April 20, 2021 till May 3, 2021.”
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