Project Management with PRINCE2

Project Management

Assuming you know what project management entails.  While that is a given, it is not as easy as it sounds.  A project is a temporary endeavour with its own set of constraints.  The challenge is to take those constraints and ensure that they are local organic findings. As on a PRINCE2 Course edinburgh.

Here is a short guide to learning how to standardize your project management system utilizing project management best practices and modern technology.

Project Scope

In order to create a “best practice” system, my company has used a party plan process to weed out the things that may take two weeks or more to accomplish, put in a little extra icing and add a little squeegee to the package and usually take the highest priced item off the list.

A party plan operates on the principle that assignments are given a name (usually called an Assignment Number) and an unsubscribe date.  The system can become very resourceful in terms of gathering information, controlling it, and disseminating it to all parties involved in the project.

One of the many tools we have used is a chotheet.  An About Section produced to all the parties involved in the project is used to give authority to any other information from that party that may be needed.


It is essential to use the GROW, FOCUS and ACCEPT or NOT statement to assess project health.  All of these statements should be complied to within 3-12 months of management discovery.

Project Objective:

Each project should have a stated objective, typical a one sentence template.

Project Requirements:

It is vital to list each requirement in a specific context and date, i.e. it may be an issue do date with a problem do date or a recommendation.

Scope Change Order:

Sometimes an unexpected $99 event may cause a small shift in scope.  A change order is another way to delineate the scope of a project.

Project Plan Development:

In all of my projects I have followed a system that was developed by one of the most well know in the world at this point.  There are other great tools that are utilized for project actions and millions of companies worldwide that are currently built upon this same POSITION (Point Objective/Point Definition/Program Return) system.

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Project tracking is an essential part of the life cycle of any project.  The project process can be broken down into 3 ways of management interaction with staff and deliverables.  The first:Communication

The second: Direct Communication

The Third: Project Data Systems

Using the Project Plan to keep your project management tactics straight.  Once the entire program is thought about and under control, review it to ensure it is ready to be controlled.

Check that the project is compliant with your plan and the Federal, State, Local and industry guidelines.  Bonding achieve valid proof that a project is viable and necessary.

Communication must be done by established methods such as:a.Daily meetings/phone conferenceb.Mails and deliveries

a.The Management team (team leaders) must make sure that each project manager communicates all of the above in their respective areas of responsibility.

Communication to your project team members is vital.    If you would like additional help with communication set up a call with our account manager now to discuss ways you can improve your project planning ad communication.

Direct Communication to your project managers is required to accomplish your management tasks.  It is necessary to motivate your staff to strive harder for the success of the project and the mission of your company.  Initiative without communicating is unable to work and the end result is.
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