NHRC member Justice Kumar draws world’s attention to potable water scarcity in UN meet

National Human Rights Commission member Justice M.M. Kumar has drawn the world’s attention to the scarcity of potable water in the world at the sixth meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

Justice Kumar represented India on the Council which also has Japan, Italy, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and approximately 43 countries.

Justice Kumar said, “Water is a life sustaining source. Very little quantity of potable water is available on planet earth. For various reasons, there is utmost need to prioritize the use of water and manage its resources in a sustainable manner to meet the present demand and leave for future generations. NHRC shares the view of Special Rapporteur that there is dire need of democratic governance of water to ensure Human Rights to safe water and sanitation. We must uphold doctrine of Public Trust and sustainability. The Supreme Court of India in various judgements has held that Right to water is a fundamental right and therefore, state must ensure access to potable water to everyone. The fast Global Warning and Covid-19 pandemic calls for Global Co-operation through multilateral deliberations to achieve the sustainable development goals and address the Global water crisis as rightly asserted by Special Rapporteur in the plan.”

The UN Human Rights Council takes an overview of countries and seeks to promote and protect all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development.

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