Justice Chandrachud inaugurates new websites for judgments and e-filing 3.0

The E-Committee of the Supreme Court on Friday inaugurated a new website for Judgments & e-Filing 3.0. “We are here to strengthen our legal system,” Dr Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Chairperson, e-Committee said.

“Lawyers sitting in their own office can do the entire exercise without travelling. And the project system was completed in a record time of 6 months,” Justice Chandrachud added.

Justice Chandrachud, while speaking about the portals, said the judgment search portal, has data today of 38 million cases available, “We have data of 106 million cases which are being disposed of & are available & the total number of 141 million orders. With this mine of data, why not we provide a free search engine.”

“We cannot compete with the corporate establishments but we are providing an additional service,” he said.

Justice Chandrachud also noted that the Delhi High Court is leading at holding hearing through the virtual hearing system.

Barun Mitra, Secretary, Department of Justice said that the e-Court project has been developed in close collaboration with the Supreme Court Department of Justice, High Courts and NIC and others.

The features of the e-Filing 3.0 include:

· Online submission of Vakalat

· Readymade templates

· E-signing facility

· Online video recording of oath

· Online Payments

· Filing of multiple of IAs/ Application

· Portfolio management

· Bilingual Mode

The features of the judgment portal includes search based on variety of criteria including:

· Bench

· Case Type

· Case Number

· Year

· Petitioner/ Respondent Name

· Judge Name

· Act

· Section

· Decision: From Date, To Date

· Full Text Search.
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