China spying on judges, President, PM of India, says NGO plea before Supreme Court

New Delhi: An NGO, Save Them India Foundation, has filed a PIL before the Supreme Court saying that China has secretly put under surveillance Indian judges (sitting and retired) of the Supreme Court and of different high courts, as well as the President and Prime Minister of India and other influential personalities. The NGO wants the top court to issue direction to the Union government to investigate.

Lawyer Vishal Tiwari filed the petition on behalf of the NGO.

Tiwari, in his petition, has sought direction to register the first information Report for Cyber terrorism and Cyber crime under sections 66F, 70, 72 and 72A of the Information and Technology Act 2000 and under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

The petitioner, sought that the SC should direct the respondent, UOI (Union of India), to ban the Chinese operated Digital money lending apps in India and to take Action against the NBFC’s and digital money lending Apps Acting contrary to the fair practice code. 

Tiwari, further sought that there should be a direction to the Union of India to Enact the Draft Bill “The protection of personal Data, 2019”.

The petitioner said that China not only through one mode but by the other modes like money lending apps is extracting the data of Indian Citizens and storing there in its country. This could have the disastrous effect in future and it is also a threat and danger to our national Security and Integrity.

The petition said that the privacy of Citizens, the Secrecy of Judges, President of India, Prime Minister and other thousands of authorities have become play for China. The China’s espionage System and spying upon India has developed a new threat and fear of losing our secret valuable Information, Public policies, defence policies, data hijacking and theft.

-India Legal Bureau
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