Chhattisgarh HC suspends normal functioning of Bilaspur District Court

ILNS: The Chhattisgarh High Court, through a notification dated April 19, suspended the normal functioning of Bilaspur District Court till April 26, in the wake of the rising COVID-19 cases in the City.

“Considering the extraordinary situation, normal functioning of the Court will stand suspended during the above period. The functioning of the High Court during the said period shall be bare minimal with minimum support staff to be deputed on rotational basis, to deal with extremely urgent cases, as to be decided by the Chief Justice in this regard.

“The extreme urgent cases shall be substantiated by filing necessary proceedings before the Registrar (Judicial)/Additional Registrar (Judicial), as is the practice prevalent in the High Court during holidays. There will not be any regular listing of the cases during the aforesaid period. No filing of fresh cases shall be allowed. However, the above period will not be counted for working out the period of limitation,”

the Notice read.

“During the aforesaid period, all other Officers/Officials of the High Court shall ‘work from home’ and will make themselves available as and when their services are so required by the concerned Section In-charge.

“The Registrar General shall call for the staff, as may be required for the aforesaid skeletal functioning of the High Court. The Officers/Officials will not leave the Headquarter and will report for duty without any lapses immediately on call,”

-it added.

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In addition to above, if the Collector and the District Magistrate extend the lockdown in Bilaspur District beyond the aforesaid period, then these arrangements regarding functioning of the High Court will continue during the relevant period, said the Court.

After completion of the period of lockdown/containment zone, the functioning of the High Court will be resumed by reverting back to the system, which was prevailing prior to April 14, 2021, as per April 5, 2021 order, said the notice signed by Yogesh Pareek, Registrar (Judicial) by the order of Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court.
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